ATTENTION MEN AND WOMEN: Are You Struggling To Lose Fat, Build Muscle, and Get An Attractive Physique?

"Discover the No-Bullshit Approach to Achieving the Lean, Sculpted, Attractive Body You’ve Always Desired…WITHOUT Living at the Gym, Crazy Diets, or Expensive Supplements"

And Attain the Impressive Physique that Attracts The Opposite Sex and Commands Respect From The Same Sex…


If you’re like most people, you’ve wished you could develop the kind of body that looks good ALL the time, whether you're at the beach, a party, or even at a fancy diner – the sculpted, “V”-shaped body that would allow you to effortlessly turn heads, and not just at gym.

You’ve probably seen perfectly proportioned men and women with that ‘Lean Model look’ and thought, “How do they get like that…”arrow-7-1

And let's be’ve probably logged in more hours on the treadmill than you care to think about.

When it comes to food, you’ve bought into the “less is better” mentality and deprived yourself of so many calories that you just had NO energy.

Do any of these common experiences sound familiar to you?

  • You spend so many hours in the gym every day and then get tons of muscle and definition,
    right?! NOPE…SAME BODY
  • You spend tons of money on supplements to help you lose body fat. Unfortunately, your wallet loses all the weight, and your belly gains all the weight! Lose-Lose Situation.
  • You do countless hours of online research about Diet Plans, Workout Routines, and Supplements, that you are confused about WHAT to actually do
  • You are fed up with constantly eating 6 small meals spaced 2-3 hours apart
  • You feel like you have lost muscle or gotten smaller when you try to Lose Fat
  • You have given up Alcohol or Dinner with your friends because you were on a “STRICT” diet

My friend, you’re not alone.

Hard-working, motivated people just like you have put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating an attractive body… only to end up burnt-out and with negligible results.

Most “Fat Loss Programs” Are Not Right for You – And Here’s Why

You see, there is a TON of programs out there that promise to give you a lean, sculpted body…

But here’s the problem:

The majority of these programs don’t focus on building the kind of physique that's actually aesthetically pleasing.

Instead, they focus solely on losing weight (not fat)… losing as much weight as possible without regard to keeping any of your muscle mass.

If you have the patience and perseverance to follow through with these programs, you’ll most likely lose weight… but you will also lose muscle in all the wrong places: chest, arms, back, and shoulders (to name a few), all areas that complement your proportions and contribute to the slim, aesthetic look.

Not only that, but the diets these programs require you to follow end up causing muscle loss in addition to fat loss… so you end up lacking the definition you want.

That’s why you see so many people at the gym who have flabby “chess player” bodies… but very few who have the kind of “Greek God” or "Victoria's Secret Model" body you’re really looking for.

There’s no strategy or science behind these programs.
It’s all just hard work, with disappointing (if any) results.

And to make things worse, most fat loss programs just aren’t sustainable.

You have to choose between having a great body and having a life. If you’re committed to these programs, you end up having to give up on a social life because you’re spending all of your time working out and making meals.

(You probably know some hardcore people like that, don’t you?)

So let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here:

  • You never get to spend time with your friends or go on dates because you’re basically married to the gym and kitchen.
  • You have to drop what you’re doing and eat a little meal every few hours just to be left starving again in an hour.
  • You have to spend hundreds of dollars a month – or more – on supplements and protein shakes.

And for what?

...To end up with a physique that isn’t anything like what you’ve seen in movies or in fitness magazines?

It's no wonder most people give up and tell themselves it’s impossible to achieve their dream bodies.

Before you give up hope though, let me share my story:

A Brief Story About The Creator...

Hi I'm Siv...and I was once a frustrated gym-goer
just like you.

Growing up, I was OBSESSED about getting six-pack abs. I was envious of my friends who had “lucky” genetics and looked up to guys who had chiseled physiques that women drooled over.

The guys who looked as good in a suit as they did on the beach.

I didn’t think it was even POSSIBLE to build your own body like that…

Not until my older brother told me it was.

I was young, but hearing that YOU have the ability to control 100% of how YOUR body looks left me speechless. Since then, it became my ultimate goal to figure out how to achieve the exact body that I wanted.

To build the body of a Greek God.

I started weightlifting at around the age of 16. Back then, most of the information I had about lifting came from articles and forums.

And the programs they had were pretty much all the same – lift weights like crazy, eat frequently, and swallow as many supplements as you could get your hands on.

I didn’t realize all these programs were solely focused on building mass - not losing body fat and getting cut.

They ALL lacked something...

Something important.

They really didn’t take into account that in order to create an attractive lean, model-like physique, you have to train strategically instead of just going balls to the wall at the gym every single day.

I wasn’t looking how I wanted to…

I was headed for the “bulky” type of body that would end up making me look puffy, fat, stalky, and just not pleasing to look at…

Like most guys (and probably like you), I got tired of constantly eating and spending most of my time at the gym. I wanted a workout and nutrition program that would allow me to have an AMAZING body and time for other things in life.

I wasn’t finding it anywhere, so I decided to create it myself. That's when The Fat Blowtorcher Program was born.

It's taken years of testing and refining the process for losing weight in an effective, effortless way - without sacrificing muscle in the process...

A Strategic, Scientific Approach is the Key to
Blowtorching OFF Your Body Fat Once and For All….

Creating a strategic approach to shredding body fat wasn’t easy.

I spent a TON of time and energy studying weightlifting techniques, nutrition, and the physiology of the human body.

But my effort was well worth it.

I finally discovered the perfect balance that allowed me to create the ripped, “V”-shaped body that most guys would kill to have…

It wasn’t some profound, “breakthrough B.S.” like the magazines claim.

I certainly didn’t discover anything NEW.

I simply focused on working smart instead of working hard.

The gym was no longer my second home and I was no longer spending all of my time stuffing myself with protein…

I was the happiest I’d ever been in my entire life. I finally figured out a way to get into stunning shape while enjoying everything I wanted in life.

Close your eyes and envision what that kind of discovery would do for you…

  • Imagine being able to go to the gym, knock out a workout strategically planned to lose body fat and give specific muscles the hard, dense look (the ones that will give you that Greek God physique)… and then go enjoy time with your friends and family.
  • Imagine being able to actually enjoy REAL food...eating at your favorite restaurants instead of suffering through your third bland meal of chicken and rice…
  • Imagine even being able to enjoy some drinks or an ice-cold beer or soda.

How would that kind of program change your life?

Sound better than the typical fat loss programs out there?

Now put yourself there.

Picture yourself going through this program, putting in the work and coming out the other side a new person.

Now picture yourself 3 months from now...

Look at yourself in the mirror with the Model, Greek God, looking physique you’ve wanted and now possess.

Tight, hard muscles, visible definition and cuts, and even a chiseled jaw-line.

As you look at the changes that have happened before your eyes in just the last few months, you think about how you feel looking at your new self.

The lack of body fat isn’t the only thing that has changed.

You FEEL different.

More confident.

More energy.

More youthful.

  • You feel RELAXED, now that you have time to fit in your workouts between work,time with friends and family, and even dating and relationships.
  • You feel OPTIMISTIC, knowing you're steadily building the kind of “Greek God” or "Victoria's Secret Model" body that will make the opposite sex want to meet you.
  • You feel CONFIDENT, realizing you look lean whether you’re at the beach or dining at a fancy restaurant.
  • You feel POWERFUL, knowing that other guys are envious of your physique, but you are still humble enough to give them your advice when they ask.
  • You feel HAPPY - after all, you’re saving so much money not buying sketchy supplements.
  • You feel ACCOMPLISHED, knowing that you’ve sculpted the kind of body that most guys can only dream of – the kind of body most people think only Hollywood Movie Stars or Elite Models can achieve.

Wouldn't that kind of program give you the stepping stones to an awesome life?

Well it doesn't have to be a fantasy anymore.

Time to turn your dreams into reality.

What “Fat Blowtorcher” Training Looks Like..

The Fat Blowtorcher training program doesn't just make you LOOK amazing... It's also built to make you STRONGER.

After all...

What's the point of achieving the Aesthetic physique if you are still embarrassingly weak?


Romanian Deadlift

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Overhead Tricep Extension

Some Early Results Of The Program...

My very own results using my principles from the Fat Blowtorcher Program. I lost 35 pounds of pure body fat in 5 months and maintained ALL of my muscle. I then used the same Fat Blowtorching methods to maintain this condition. I NEVER wanted to go back to being the picture on the left. The fat loss process was SO ENJOYABLE for me. I was eating mostly whatever I wanted, only in the gym 3 times per week, and hardly taking any supplements. Life was GREAT.

Bryce N.

“My results blew me away. Every few days I looked at myself in the mirror I was getting leaner and leaner and started getting lower ab veins and the V-cut starting to come through. I also noticed that my face was getting a lot more leaner and angular looking. I cannot thank Siv enough for sharing his fat loss program…it changed my life.”

Mike T.

“I’ve tried a lot of different programs out there, from routines to P90x, but nothing beats The Fat Blowtorcher Program. Getting lean and shredded has never felt so effortless and enjoyable. This is The Holy Grail. I wish I had this program when I first started lifting.”

Steven H.

“I’m 38 years old…and now I’m in the best shape I’ve been in my entire life. If you follow The Fat Blowtorcher Program exactly as it is laid out, you WILL see results. Take my word for it. I lose 14 pounds of body fat and even GAINED a couple pounds of muscle in the process.”

Are YOU Finally Ready to Show Off Your Attractive Body…And Enjoy Your Life While the Others are Burning Themselves Out on the Treadmill?

Once I discovered the strategic workout system that let me have the body I wanted and still let me enjoy life, I knew that I couldn’t keep it to myself.

After all, I spent years of frustration and disappointment… much like you.

That’s the whole reason I created The Fat Blowtorcher Program…

To share strategies and tactics that WORK with people genuinely interested in achieving the body they really desire.

I knew that a system that allowed you to get the most out of your training and nutrition by strategically aiming to lose pure body fat, and lots of it – instead of losing fat and muscle, becoming flabby – would be a complete game-changer for motivated people like you.

And being able to enjoy your favorite foods, drinks, and even alcohol… well, that would just be icing on the cake.

(And yes, you can blowtorch body fat and still have cake if you want.)

That’s why I decided to make the Fat Blowtorcher Program available to you.

I couldn’t just stand by and let you continue to experience the frustration that I went through for so many years.

  • No more copy-paste Fitness Magazine workouts..
  • No more questionable fat loss advice from the dudes on the forums that don’t even “walk the walk”.
  • No more struggling to lose fat, or having to sacrifice muscle mass to do it.

It’s time to unveil the exact program that I’ve used to take my fat loss and definition to the next level…

The program that will finally help you overcome fat loss plateaus, constant hunger, and achieve lean, tight, hard muscles with vascularity and definition.

The program that will enable you to achieve the body you truly desire…

I call it the Fat Blowtorcher Program. .

Siv Rao Presents…

The Fat Blowtorcher Program

A definitive guide to BLOWTORCH your body fat once and for all

What Are People Saying About The Fat Blowtorcher Program?

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Brian N.

"I've been chubby for quite a while and used to hate going down to the gym and everything, lacking confidence. Mates have wanted to go to the beach, but I was never really wanting to take my shirt off..."

Mitchell K.

"The first thing I noticed was that my face was getting a lot skinner. Then I noticed my chest started firming up, getting tighter. Before this I had a saggy, puffy chest, but now it looks a lot more cut....I started getting leaner every week after week"

Click Play Below!arrow

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Brant M.

"Honestly, with that type of training my strength was going through the roof, and I was only working out about 3 times a week. And at the same time, I dropped a TON of body fat and got lean enough to get the V-line and have veins in my lower abs"

Here’s A Glimpse Into What You’re Getting Inside the Fat Blowtorcher Program:

The Fat Blowtorcher Program is not about obsessing about your body, spending hundreds of dollars on supplements, or spending hours and hours into preparing food and exhausting workouts.

This was all in the past, a misguided effort that leads to spinning your wheels with no lasting traction. The Fat Blowtorcher Program focuses on exactly what it takes to build an incredible, model-worthy body, while liberating your life and allowing you to live with true ease and enjoyment.

Going out to eat and drink, gorging on huge meals and killing it in the gym three days per week is the approach I recommend to support a truly enriching life while seeing significant progress every single week.

Achieving this physique is about being strong, not just looking good.

You will be lifting heavy weights and challenging yourself in the gym. Not only will you achieve a jaw-dropping physique, but you will also gain head-turning strength.

I've designed this course to contain everything you need to get there.

The Fat Blowtorcher Program

The Fat Blowtorcher Program contains the complete workout, nutrition and lifestyle protocol for blowtorching off your body fat and achieving the body of a Greek God or Model, taking your life to a whole new level.

The Intensive Fat Blowtorcher Workout Routine to bring insane muscle density and definition to each muscle group. This workout regime requires only three intense workouts per week, to systematically build muscle density and definition

The Fat Blowtorcher Nutrition protocols to promote fat loss while increasing muscle definition. This protocol is also designed to support maximal health, optimize testosterone and allow the flexibility to have a fun social life.

The Fat Blowtorcher Supplemenation Guide chapter that tells you which supplements will blast your results, optimize your health, and bring you 10x closer to your goal.

The Fat Blowtorcher Program Is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen…And Here’s Why:

This is NOT another “lose as much weight as you can” fitness program.

If you want to be the size of a toothpick and don’t care about definition or a well-proportioned physique, that’s your business.

This isn't that program.

And besides… there aren’t any trophies for spending the most time in the gym or eating the most similar to a bird.

Instead, The Fat Blowtorcher Program is designed to give you the body that the opposite sex really loves…

One that makes you look and feel great.

You’ll learn how to sculpt the body you want without devoting every waking hour of your day to your fitness efforts.

Does This Program Also Work For Women?


Hell yes it does!

The Fat Blowtorcher Program can give you amazing results whether your a man or a women...

And before you ask: NO, you women will NOT become "bulky" from this program. Rather, this program will help you get get the lean, sexy, and toned look.

And you won’t just lose pure body fat – The Fat Blowtorcher Program goes far beyond other programs to give you incredible strength and definition.

After all, what good is a perfect physique if you don’t have great strength to go along with it? Nothing is more attractive that a strong, fit woman.

Other programs show you a TON of exercises, but don’t tell you how to structure your workouts for maximum effect.

The Fat Blowtorcher Program gives you the exact, step-by-step plan you need to massively increase tone and muscle definition – in the areas of your body that really matter – so you can see dramatic results in the shortest time possible.

FULL 60-Day Money Back Guarantee!

I’m so confident you’ll absolutely love the Fat Blowtorcher Program that I’m giving you a FULL 60 days to take it for a test drive. Try it out, follow the plan and put in the work. If you DO… And you’re not completely impressed at the results you get, simply send me an email and I’ll promptly refund the entire purchase.

There’s NO risk for you – it’s all on me! (You just need to put in the work… This program is THAT good!)

Get The Fat Blowtorcher Program Today…And Build The Body Of Your Dreams

I know people who would pay hundreds of dollars for this kind of exclusive information... I've even had personal coaching clients pay me up to $300 for workout plans just like this one.

But I’m not interested in charging that kind of money.

I want to make this program accessible to anyone who truly wants a change and is willing to work for it.

So I decided to give the Fat Blowtorcher Program out for one payment of $30.

Because I really want to help you transform your body and your life, I'm giving you this special offer. I want you to succeed in your fitness journey without having to spend hundreds of dollars.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting:

  • The Fat Blowtorcher Strategic Workout Routine
  • The Fat Blowtorcher Nutrition Protocols
  • The Fat Blowtorcher Supplementation Guide
  • BONUS Muscle Building Workout Routines
  • BONUS Fitness Strategies to AMPLIFY Results
  • BONUS Hollywood Celebrity Workouts

The Fat Blowtorcher Program can be yours for $30

Give Me Instant Access Now!

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To Your New, Stunning Physique,

Siv Rao

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PS – If you're seriously tired of struggling to lose body fat, this is the BEST and fastest program I've ever found (and personally used) to shred body fat fast without losing muscle in the process.

It's been proven to work for my clients as well (you can see those testimonials on this page), and on top of that... I'm giving a 60 day money back guarantee to try this program out for yourself. If you put it to use, really follow it and put in the time and hard work and it doesn't deliver then I promise to give you every penny back.

Also, I would love for you to send me your transformation pictures using this program! I might even feature you on my Instagram page!

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(The file format of this product is a PDF document, therefore requiring Adobe Acrobat or another PDF viewing software to view the contents of the product.)

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